This Picture Of Reese Witherspoon And Her Teen Daughter Looking Like Twins Is Creepy AF

Spitting image.

What has Reese Witherspoon been doing with her life lately? I don’t think I’ve seen her in a movie since ‘Walk The Line’ (good film btw) and TV-wise she was pretty good in ‘Big Little Lies’.

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Well earlier she shared a selfie in which she’s posing alongside her teenage daughter Ava on Instagram, and fuck me – these two could be twins for all we know.

Another couple pics I found:

I fully understand that mothers and their daughters are supposed to look alike, but still, that’s a blog-worthy resemblance right there. That girl is half Reese Witherspoon, half Ryan Phillippe, so I guess we all know who had the dominant genes in that baby making cocktail.

Anyway, big up Reese Witherspoon still looking good all these years later. She might’ve been the third or fourth fittest girl in ‘Cruel Intentions’ but maybe her hotness will outlast Sarah Michelle Gellar’s and Selma Blair on this evidence. Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see.

Speaking of ‘Cruel Intentions’, there’s a remake coming out later this year. Can’t wait for that one.


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