Watch This Redneck Down A Bottle Of Whiskey Then Get Pepper Sprayed And Tasered

Redneck Downs Whiskey

Rednecks hurting themselves is always fun.

I don’t know how you like to spend your Wednesdays – yesterday I just had a couple of beers and watched the Arsenal – Liverpool match with some buddies and that was perfectly acceptable – but I doubt anyone reading this does anything as crazy as this redneck dude who regularly participates in ‘Whiskey Wednesdays’.

No, this doesn’t mean doing a few shots of whiskey and hitting the club with your squad, what it means is downing a bottle of whiskey and then getting pepper sprayed and tasered apparently. I guess whatever you need to do to have fun?

It doesn’t really look that much fun though.

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Ouch. I wish there was a follow up video to see what he looked like half an hour later, although having said that he’s built like a tank and claims to do this every Wednesday so it probably literally was just him getting started. Although don’t think I didn’t notice that he didn’t finish the whole bottle there – try harder next time buddy.

I used to think this kid who downed a bottle of whiskey in 13 seconds on a stag do was cool, but this guy is my new inspiration. One day.


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