Drug User Shares Brutally Honest Account Of What It’s Like To Take DMT

Nothing can prepare you for this.

DMT really is one of those drugs that genuinely would be scary to do, as all the stories people tell describe how nothing can prepare you for it and that you will literally be taken to another level of consciousness that can’t possibly be explained.

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This is exactly what happened to one Redditor who recently decided to share his first experience on the psychedelic, claiming that it was nothing like he expected it to be. Here’s his story:

Hello everyone!

My perspective on life changed about 8 years ago when I first discovered near death experiences (NDE’s). The experiences that people had and the messages they were taught completely changed my perspective on the world – leading me to believe that there is much, much more to life and consciousness than I had been taught.

It was around that time that I had began to experiment with various psychedelics. Reading about DMT blew my mind and I was especially drawn to it because of the similarity of experiences with the drug to those who have had NDE’s. Finally, about 3 years later I was able to get my hands on some.

So it’s been 5 years that I’ve been sitting on 500mg of DMT, waiting for the time in my life that I felt I was ready to have this experience. Well, that time finally came the other night. For a week, I meditated each day leading up to the experience and abstained from alcohol, caffeine, weed, and anything else I felt might cloud my experience. Since it had been 5 years I wasn’t sure how bad the depreciation in quality was, so I weighed out 75mg and sandwiched it between some mullein and other non-psychoactive herbs in my bong with no water. I sat on my bed with the lights out, incense burning, and one or two candles flickering around the room. It took quite a while to get up the courage to take that first hit. To be honest, I was quite scared even though I have lots of experience with psychedelics. I had my wife (a nurse) there with me to trip sit and monitor in case anything went wrong.

I remember sitting there on the bed in silence, just trying to get the courage to take the first hit. I had microdosed ~10mg before and that was somewhat intense, so I knew this was absolutely going to blow me away. Finally I thought to myself, “it doesn’t matter if I hit this now, ten minutes from now, or a week from now, I will never truly be prepared for what’s to come.” It was in that moment I decided to take the first hit.

I took the first hit, doing my best to let the herb cherry and not directly apply flame to the dmt. After blowing out the first hit, I knew I didn’t have more than a few seconds before I was gone, so I quickly took a second hit. When I blew out the second hit, I couldn’t see anything but the embers on the bowl. I forced myself to take a third, and laid back onto the bed as I exhaled.



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I remember feeling like I had just fell backwards out of an airplane. In fact, I thought arms were flailing like someone was trying to strap a crazy person to a stretcher, and was breathing like I was having a panic attack. After the experience, my wife said none of that happened, I just casually laid back with my head on the pillow and laid still. Instantly I was transported to somewhere that I can’t even describe. I admit I am not the best writer, so words really fail me here. What I do know is it was nothing like the experiences I’ve read or videos I’ve watched. There was no flying through a tunnel at warp speed, it was like I was just instantly there. It’s possible that this did happen, but I was just so overwhelmed with the rapid onset and intensity, that I don’t remember it happening. I’ve been skydiving, cliff jumping, on the craziest roller coasters in the world, you name it – and this was a billion times more intense than any of those experiences had been.

I could feel my body being ripped apart (although not painful) like someone had reached both hands into the center of my chest, and pulled apart with incredible force in opposite directions. As my body was drifting to non-existence, I could hear a loud humming sound that was similar to what many people often describe hearing. As this was all happening, I could see other dimensions and these impossible geometric patterns. During the trip I had no idea what I was looking at, but in retrospect this may have been the mechanical realm people often talk about. It felt like a factory, with many things all moving simultaneously to seemingly try to accomplish something, although I’m not sure what that something is. There may have been machine elves, but I did not recognize them as such during the trip.

For a while, it was so intense and so overwhelming that I wanted it to end. Although I thought letting go of my body would be easy for me, it was very difficult. I kept thinking, “how much more fucking intense can it get”?! Finally, I decided that I needed to surrender. From the left, I could see a wavy sort of hand give me the motion to “come here”. Just as I did, the visuals started to slowly fade to blackness. The sound I was hearing sounded like the inside of some super complex factory and it was stuck on a loop. Every few seconds the sound would repeat itself, but slowly started to fade with the visuals I was seeing.

Then everything went black, and it was extremely peaceful. This space didn’t last long, however, and within minutes I could hear noises in the bedroom. When I finally opened up my eyes after what felt like hours, I was still tripping but could make out everything in the room. Within two minutes, my vision had returned to normal and I was ready to share my experience with my wife, who said I was out a total of 13 minutes (I had her timing).

I’m not sure if I broke through or not, but I did feel like I got a glimpse as to what is behind the curtain. It was so much different than almost every experience I read. There was no tunnel, no machine elves or recognizable entities, no telekinetic communication, no void, and few similarities to other trips apart from the visual aspect. It was, however extremely overwhelming, beautiful, peaceful, insane, and mystical.

I think next time I try DMT, I will do it without reading experiences beforehand. I feel like this gave me a false sense of expectation, as I thought many times “oh, this is what this realm is”, or “oh, this must be the part where..”. Next time, I want to go in with no preconceived notions of what my trip should be, and just let it happen.

There are a lot of takeaways from this experience, but perhaps the two most profound were:

There is nothing you can experience in normal reality that can prepare you for something this intense.

There is much more to life and to consciousness than we know.

The only picture I’ve found that even comes remotely close at describing what I saw was this, and even the image below doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

tl:dr – tripped fuggin balls, learned shit


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What a trip huh? Sounds completely and utterly wacky and probably just confirms what I thought before: that I don’t ever want to do DMT.

Not sure if this dude can really say he ‘learned shit’ though because he can’t explain any of it and was just tripping, but I suppose I can’t really comment on it because I haven’t taken DMT and experienced what he’s experienced. If you ever end up doing it though, hit us up and let us know what it was like.

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