Rebekah Vardy Is Claiming Her Instagram Was Hacked And She Never Snitched On Coleen Rooney

She’s saying she’s never talked to the press about Coleen Rooney ever.

Footballer’s Wives/Dream Team/any television show about rich people being bitchy to each other ever exploded into real life earlier today, when Coleen Rooney accused Rebekah Vardy of selling her Instagram stories to The Sun on her Twitter account and now obviously Vardy has come back with some kind of hastily formulated excuse.

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Here’s what the WAG had to say via her Twitter account:

I mean obviously she’s gonna deny it, but that does kinda sound like a load of bullshit doesn’t it? The fact that she dropped in the fact that she was heavily pregnant, asking her why she would do it in the first place, and that she’s attacking Coleen all the way through it all make it reek of lies to be honest. Not buying it Rebekah.

The whole thing about her asking Coleen to contact her privately to see if it stopped is just stupid as well because of course it would have stopped because if she got rumbled then there’s no way she would have continued doing it. But then nobody would know the truth about what a conniving little bitch she is, so I’m not surprised that Coleen decided to snare her in this trap and then tell the world about her trashy behaviour. Fair play.

For more of the same, check out Coleen’s original message. Major beef.


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