Steve Irwin’s Niece Has Been Going Aggressively NSFW On Instagram Lately


If the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin were around today, no doubt he would have an awesome Instagram page showing off all kinds of exotic animals and teaching us all about wildlife and their behaviours. It would have a ton of Likes and followers for sure!

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As for his niece Rebecca Lobie, she prefers to get her Likes and followers the old fashioned way – by taking her clothes off and sharing a load of NSFW photos of herself on a regular basis:

^ Pierced nipple alert!

Good stuff. So while Steve Irwin’s kids have followed in their father’s footsteps and are fully passionate and involved in wildlife themselves, Becky Lobie is out here proving that just because you’re an Irwin, doesn’t mean you can’t find your own path in life. And if that path involves thirst-trapping on Instagram and sharing blog-fodder for sites like Sick Chirpse, then that’s all good too.

Besides, at least one person is going to stumble across these photos of Rebecca, do some Googling, and learn all about Steve Irwin for the first time. So it’s not like she isn’t doing her bit in a roundabout sort of way. Keep doing your thing Becky! More power to you!

For the time PETA got absolutely slaughtered online for disrespecting the memory of Steve Irwin, click HERE. Not on our watch.


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