PETA Are Getting Killed Online After Disrespecting The Memory Of Steve Irwin On His Birthday


For all the good work they do with animals, PETA do have a habit of being extremely tone-deaf and super annoying at times.

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This week they thought it would be a good idea to besmirch the memory of the legendary Steve Irwin – a guy who dedicated his life to animals – on his birthday no less.

Here’s what the moron running their Twitter account came up with in response to Google’s home page celebrating Steve Irwin:

They then doubled down with some more pure disrespect:

Can you believe that shit? I’d love to know what they thought those Tweets were going to accomplish, other than draw a whole load of criticism and anger towards PETA.

Here’s the general reaction:

I just don’t understand what PETA were going for here. Using a massive social media account to crap on a dead guy (on his birthday) who’s done more for animals than they obviously realise. I know PETA craves attention which is why they do things like tell people they’re going to hell for eating cheeseburgers, but these Steve Irwin tweets are just a whole other level of idiocy.

If PETA ever mention Steve Irwin, it should be to thank him. There’s loads of people out there who only give a shit about animals because of him.

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Oh, by the way, PETA also crapped on the legacy of Karl Lagerfield the day he died. Muppets.


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