Real Protester Tries To Give Mayor A Pepsi; It Doesn’t End Well

Jenner mayor pepsi

He 100% thought he was getting assassinated here.

You might’ve seen or heard the backlash against the latest Pepsi advert, in which Kendall Jenner saves the world by offering a policeman a Pepsi.

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People rued the thought that if only someone had given the Nazis a Pepsi, World War II could’ve been avoided. But it turns out offering authoritarian figures Pepsis does no good at all, as evidenced by this Sideshow Bob wannabe at a council meeting in Portland, Oregon yesterday:

I think that’s pretty much how it would go down if the situation in the advert happened in real life. At worst you’re getting tased/shot, at best you’re getting asked to leave or escorted away. Not really a great attempt at going viral by this dude but at least it was topical.

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