Kendall Jenner Is Getting Ripped Apart For Her ‘Tone-Deaf’ Pepsi Advert

When marketing goes seriously wrong.

It seems Pepsi are trying to reach a more politically active younger demographic with their most recent advert, but instead they’ve managed to (intentionally?) piss everyone off.

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The ad features Kendall Jenner doing a photo shoot on the street while a massive protest happens nearby. No one really seems to know what the protest is about but there’s a bunch of random signs featuring phrases like “join the conversation” and “love.”

Eventually… Kendall Jenner joins the protest! Yay?

People are especially annoyed over the scene where Jenner hands a police officer a can of Pepsi, which was reminiscent of this award-winning photo of Ieshia Evans during the Louisiana police brutality protests:

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Here’s some of the reaction:

Well this definitely has people taking about Pepsi, so mission accomplished on their part. Tip of the cap to the advertising team who put this rubbish together. After all when is anyone ever really talking about Pepsi? The only time I’ve ever heard Pepsi mentioned in a conversation is when the waiter tells you there’s no Coke and if you’d like Pepsi instead. So I’m sure they’re quite pleased that people are tearing their advert apart this week.

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