The Real Life Vampire Who Butchered Friend To Drink Blood Has Been Released From Prison

Daniel Ruda

Stay vigilant people.

A Satanist killer and “real life vampire” has been freed from prison. Great news.

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Daniel Ruda and his ex-wife Manuela killed their friend Frank Hackert back in 2001 by stabbing him 66 times before drinking his blood. The Satanic couple described how they killed him as “a human sacrifice for Satan” after claiming the devil told them to do it. Again, great news that they’re setting this guy free.


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The heinous crime enthralled Germany as the gruesome details of the murder emerged. Apparently they used to sleep in graveyards and attend devil-worshipping parties. Ruda in particular was famed in the media storm, reveling in the attention and even filing his teeth down into razor sharp points during the trial in 2002 so that he could look more like a vampire.

Despite the horrific nature of his crime and the fact that he was sentenced to 16 years in prison, a German court has decided he can be released under a new name, Daniel Wagner. If you’re wondering what happened to Manuela, she received 13 years in the slammer for her part in the killing and has since been released from a psychiatric unit.

Before you think that these two are going to continue on their psychopathic rampage when Ruda gets out, apparently they divorced whilst in prison. I guess the only thing keeping them together was the vampire connection – without that they were just a couple of locked up nobodies.

Daniel and Manuela

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Ruda’s lawyer Hans Reinhardt said:

We want to show that he is not a dangerous man. In jail he takes no drugs, drinks no alcohol.

His mother, who is 75, visits him regularly. She has only one wish; to see her son free before she dies.

Although Ruda has vowed that he’s changed his ways and wants to find a new wife and start a family… yes really… Hackbert’s family do not want to see him released. Which is totally understandable really. It’s not like this dude jacked a bit of money or stole the guy’s girlfriend. He quite literally stabbed him to death in a brutal manner before drinking his blood. Some things are too hard to forgive. Nevertheless, it looks like Ruda is a free man. Let’s just hope his thirst for human blood has subsided, or else this infamous real life vampire could be terrorising the streets yet again. Stay vigilant people.

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