James Bond’s Laser Watch Is Now Real

Laser Watch

Even though it was fairly useless in Goldeneye, it’s still really awesome that it actually exists.

It might have been one of the lamest weapons on Goldeneye (except maybe for the throwing knives) but you can’t deny that the fact that a laser watch exists in real life is off the charts and probably something that never thought would actually happen.

It’s the brain child of a guy called Patrick Priebe, who has fitted the watch with a 1500 megawatt laser that is so powerful it can be used to light candles, set fire to curtains and pop balloons. It also comes in a machined metal body with an LED watch display and a battery which lasts for about ten minutes when the laser is on full power. That isn’t exactly that useful – I mean you’re still gonna want to tell the time after you’ve zapped all the bad guys right? – but I suppose you have to start somewhere.

The bad news is that it isn’t currently for sale but Priebe reckons once he does take it to market he’ll probably charge around £200 for one, which is pretty affordable for such a nifty gadget. Sign me up for one, but in the mean time I suppose I’ll have to make do with a shiny new laser cannon.

Also mad props to Patrick for making something so awesome sound completely and utterly boring.


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