A Real Life Kevin And Perry Have Been Spotted At A UK Festival

These two are killing it.

As life slowly gets back to some semblance of normality, a load of people have been heading off to festivals and getting absolutely off their faces and trying to forget that the last eighteen months even happened at all.

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Naturally that means a few clips are doing the rounds on social media and I don’t think there have been many better than this one featuring two people who have decided to dress up as iconic 90s duo Kevin and Perry and dance around the festival like they used to do. I think looking at the footage they’re just mimicking their actions from the movie and aren’t actually as off their faces as they appear to be in the video, but who knows unless you were actually there at Sedgefield’s Hardwick Live Festival over the weekend.

Pretty good effort isn’t it? The video of the two of them was so popular that it even caught the attention of Kathy Burke who used to play Perry, but she dashed any hopes that it might have been her and Harry Enfield filming a new series or something by tweeting the following – she did sound like she was mightily impressed with the performance though:

Hopefully these two will be appearing at a bunch of festivals all over the summer so we’ll all get a chance to party with them. We can but hope.

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