Living Doll!

Unfortunately this isn’t ‘Village of the Damned’ – a 15 year old girl is living every day of her life emulating a doll.

No, they’re not remaking Village of the Damned, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that. Possibly a descendent of Pinocchio, this 15 year old girl – yes, she is a real girl – has modelled herself into a living doll. Her mum apparently doesn’t mind, and who can blame her?

The newspapers only reported this week the arrest of a 14 year old boy who appeared in an uploaded pornographic movie with another 14 year old, so it isn’t any wonder Venus Palermo’s mother Margaret doesn’t mind her daughter’s obsession, and has even taken to our television screens in defence of her daughter’s quirky lifestyle.  Check out this snippet from their appearance on TV’s Daybreak.

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As usual the ‘experts’ had their say, and decided that humans dressed up as dolls might encourage sexual taboos (like there aren‘t enough), and that too much emphasis on appearances can lead to a detrimental self-image later in life. This poses the risk of further problems such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders.

Known online as Venus Angelic, the human doll regularly posts cosmetic tips and advice for people on how to achieve the ‘look‘. Her Facebook page has thousands of fans, and her Youtube channel holds around 78 videos and boasts a further 30,000 subscribers. Check out her channel here.

Venus became fascinated with looking like a doll after a trip to Asia, where this is already a long running trend. Anime characters, with their pale skin and doe eyes, have fuelled this craze to emulate all things doll. Dedicated to mimicking her porcelain pals, Venus dolls herself up – literally – every single day. She whites her complexion and even advocates the insertion of opaque contact lenses to make the eyes appear glassy and artificial.

I guess it really does take all sorts. Or should that be dolly mixtures?


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