US Shot-Putter Raven Saunders Twerked For The Camera At The Tokyo Olympics & People Are Outraged


The US’s Raven Saunders has clinched second place in the women’s shot put tournament at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, but her celebration seems to have rubbed a few people up the wrong way.

Other viewers accused broadcaster NBC of switching cameras straight away after loud and proud lesbian Saunders began twerking for them:

Looks like she’s having a bit of fun after one of the biggest accomplishments of her life. A little inapppropriate maybe, but is it really a big deal? Well according to some, twerking has absolutely no place at a prestigious, historic event like the Olympics…

Others were more supportive…

What I want to know is what the host country thinks about all this, given you’re supposed to respect and follow the customs of the country each Olympics is held in. However with TV ratings for the Olympics struggling at the moment, you’d think the broadcasters and sponsors might appreciate a clip like this going viral and kicking up some debate and controversy.

I think much of the issue people have with Raven Saunders is that she’s one of these activist athletes who will win a medal and then get up on the podium and start talking about intersectionality and politics and all the things most people wish we could just keep out of sporting events. So when she then goes and twerks in front of the camera, it’s easy pickings for the haters. How are they gonna feel when Twerking inevitably becomes an Olympic sport in the next few years? Come on, you know it’s happening.

To watch a man literally flip his car after being distracted by a woman twerking on the side of the road, click HERE.


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