A Rare Video Of A Blink 182 Set From Warped Tour 1996 Has Emerged Online

Blink 182 1996 Warped Tour Set

They’re surprisingly better live back then than they are now.

I suppose most people reading this will know Blink 182 from the Enema Of The State record and everything else after that, but they also released a couple of albums before that called Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat (and Buddha/Flyswatter before someone trolls me about my Blink 182 knowledge) and they’ve got some absolute bangers on them too.

Of course, most of us that have heard these records have never seen any of those songs live because when Blink 182 play live now they’re focusing on all their most recent material, which is fair enough really. However, I never really stopped thinking about how cool it would be to see songs like Touchdown Boy and Toast And Bananas live, although I realised it would probably never happen.

Well, it has kind of now thanks to this video that was recently uploaded by a guy called Robert Lyon who filmed the band’s set from their 1996 appearance on the Warped Tour in Miami. Check it out below:

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Pretty neat huh? Probably the craziest thing is how they’re actually better live then than they are now, despite having about 20 years more experience now. I mean this video of their headline set at Reading Festival from a couple of years ago is just absolutely horrific when you think about how a band should actually perform live. Disgusting. At least back in 1996 it might not sound so good but they’re actually playing well and having fun – that’s what music and punk rock is all about.


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