Check Out These Rare Photographs From The 1970s British Punk Scene



The rise of punk in 1970s Britain is a well known narrative, perpetuated by bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers and John Ingham was one of the most important music journalists during this period.

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Ingham was the first person to interview The Sex Pistols and is credited with bringing the scene of a handful of bands and barely any audience members to the masses. His newest venture is a book of his personal photographs of the scene during the time, mainly taken in the same 10 day period in November 1976.

It was this month when The Sex Pistols began to creep into the national consciousness following raucous performances that were spread through word of mouth. ‘The Spirit of 76’ hopes to capture and illustrate just what a time it was back then – here are a selection of photographs from it.

Punk Photos 1

Punk Photos 13

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A real piece of history right there, really wish I had been alive for it myself. That was the movement, and Ingham was there for the start of it – you can only dream about being at the start of something so relevant these days.

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