Rare Colour Photos Of The New York Subway From 1966

These photos look as if they could have been taken yesterday – but they’re from almost 50 years ago.

Seeing colour photographs of old times is really weird – like this colour version of London in the 1920s – because they’re so rare and you think of most old landscapes in black and white. There’s just no other way of looking at them really.

These pictures from photographer Dennis Lyon turn that perspective on its head though. They’re especially mind-blowing because even though they’re quite obviously from the past, the fact that they’re in colour and that the New York City subway system very rarely changes kind of gives them an impression of timelessness and being stuck in a time warp.

Or maybe that’s just because they look like they’re being shot through Instagram. In any case, they look dope.

1966 New York Subway Colour Photos 1

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