Rapper Napoleon Claims That Jada Pinkett-Smith Asked Tupac Not To Beat Will Smith Up



I’m not really sure why it’s taken so long for this story to come out considering it must have happened almost 30 years ago, but for some reason rapper Napoleon has decided to tell everyone that Jada Pinkest-Smith once asked Tupac not to beat Will Smith up.

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Pinkett Smith had shared a poem written by Tupac on his 50th birthday and this prompted the Outlaws Immortal rapper Napoleon to say the following on ‘The Art Of Dialogue’:

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I remember when I first came around Pac, Jada Pinkett was in a movie; it may have been the first movie she ever starred in with one of the Wayans Brothers – I can’t remember the name of it.

We went down to Atlanta and I’m a kid and I’m like, ‘This movie is boring as hell’, but Pac was just staring at the screen, just paying attention and really heavily involved in the movie… really focused!

But the second time I probably heard him talk about her was when he went to L.A. and he was very upset.

Pac came in the room, he was like, ‘Jada gonna contact me like and tell me: DON’T DO NOTHING to Will Smith!'”

So Pac was upset. I don’t know why she would think I would try and make some problems with Will Smith. So I guess it kinda hurt him. He had a lot of love for Jada Pinkett; a lot of respect for her. A LOT of respect for her!

He was offended when she asked him not to do anything to Will Smith from a standpoint not to be violent towards him.

I think that just hurt him more than anything.

Because he was like, ‘What do you think this is? I’m not walking around being this impulsive, violent individual. So I think that probably hurt his feelings at the particular time.

That’s a weird story isn’t it? Like why does she suddenly say to him not to hurt Will Smith? I guess reading between the lines Jada was getting with Pac and thens tarted getting with Will Smith and asked Pac not to get angry and beat him up or anything? But it really does sound like Napoleon is leaving a lot of the story out there.

As for Will Smith, he just seems to be getting completely rinsed by Jada all the time doesn’t he? There was the whole ‘entanglement’ issue last year and now all this stuff about her telling people not to beat him up like he can’t defend himself. Something’s gotta break soon, if Will Smith’s heart hasn’t already that is.

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