Rangers Players Almost Struck By Lightning At Training Ground

Rangers Lightning Strike

Rangers players thought they were in for a routine training session today, even though it was during a thunderstorm. That was until they almost got struck by lightning.

I know we’re going through a heatwave at the moment down in London and most of England but it doesn’t look as if things are going so well for our friends north of the border in Scotland, at least if this video is anything to go by.

It turns out that Rangers were training at their training ground Murray Park today even though that there was a huge thunderstorm going on around it. I don’t know anything about training sessions but surely those aren’t the best conditions for them? Still, I guess footballers need to learn to adapt to all conditions right, and I doubt Ally McCoist and the rest of the Rangers coaching team actually thought it might be possible that lightning might ACTUALLY strike the training ground.

Unfortunately though that’s exactly what happened, and some of the reactions of the players featured in this video are absolutely hilarious. I don’t really know anything about Scottish football – especially now that Rangers aren’t even in the SPL anymore – but I’m told by a reliable source that Steven Smith (the blonde one at the back), Lee McCulloch and Nicky Clark have the funniest reactions to the lightning strike. To be honest all the players look like real pussies considering they’re supposed to be tough guy Scottish footballers though.

It’s a shame that you don’t actually get to see the lightning strike and it’s off camera because it just kind of sounds like a huge firework went off, but I think because it’s on the Rangers website then you’ve got to actually believe that there was an actual lightning strike and this actually happened. I mean they’re a really trustworthy club right?

Check out the video below:

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