VIDEO: Super Slow Motion Lightning Is Amazing

Lightning Strike

Everything looks cool in slow motion and lightning looks cool anyway, so you can imagine how fresh it is when you mix the two.

Lightning Strike

I love a good thunder storm, it puts you in your place. It’s as if mother nature has lent down from her home base on Saturn and whispered “kneel earthling” in your ear with the bark of a million wolves. When you’re underneath the rumble of a thunder cloud, you know exactly how small you are. The actual process of how thunder and lightning are produced is not completely sewn up. They hypothesise that a water filled cloud gets cold as it rises into the atmosphere, the droplets of water turn to ice, rub together, then expel the charge when it reaches a certain point. They’re not 100% though, there’s still plenty of gaps in the theories that need to be plugged. It does make sense that there’s a bunch of mystery still left to solve – you can imagine how tricky it would be to study that sort of power without losing your eyebrows, hair, face and life.

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Some quick lightning facts before I get on to the main feature: There are around 1,800 thunder storms every day on earth, that’s literally hundreds going off every second of the day. A lightning bolt can contain a hundred million volts and be hotter than the surface of the sun, which is more than five times hotter than the inside of a pop-tart. How about that? So I was enjoying some videos of lightning bolts the other day and found some super slow mo ones. And if I know the readership like I think I know the readership, everyone totally bums anything in slow motion. So here’s a couple of real low down, slow down lightning hits. They look completely awesome, and surprisingly wriggly I thought?

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Here’s another:

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This last one really blows my mind, it’s lightning that’s been filmed shooting up. It’s something that was unfilmed before this lovely, big brained baldy snapped it:

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