Randy Orton’s Wife Just RKO’d Him Outta Nowhere & Her Technique Is Outstanding

She learnt from the best.

Randy Orton’s wife Kim Marie may have blocked us on Twitter after we wrote that article about him pulling out his dick and sexually harassing WWE writers, but no hard feelings and we’ll give credit where it’s due – she can hit an RKO like no one’s business.

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Check it out:

I guess she learnt from the best:

The best thing about the Orton family is that it looks like they’re always blasting each other with RKOs:

He even lets other people’s kids RKO him:

I do wonder whether anyone in Randy Orton’s family has been able to hit him with the RKO without his permission though. Do you think he’s ever truly been hit with an RKO outta nowhere? Doubt it somehow.

To watch a high school student try to RKO his headmaster and promptly get arrested, click HERE. Randy Orton – such a bad influence.


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