High School Student Tries To RKO Headmaster, Promptly Gets Arrested (VIDEO)

Outta nowhere.

If we had it our way every student would be able to RKO their school principal/headmaster at least once, but alas that sort of thing is very much frowned upon, as this student in Florida found out this week.

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Must have taken balls to try that, but have to say that was a pretty poor RKO technique. No wonder the principal reversed it with so much ease.

Here are some tips from the master of the RKO himself – you’ve got to really get a good grip and come off the floor a little bit before nailing the move:

And this one, probably the best RKO of all time – look how gassed Randy Orton is after he nails it:

What a legend.

For the time Randy Orton was accused of pulling his dick out and sexually harrassing WWE writers, click HERE. They don’t call him ‘the Viper’ for nothing.


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