Raheem Sterling Pictured Smoking Shisha 24 Hours After England Victory

He’s at it again.

Raheem Sterling was making the headlines for the right reasons again on Friday night when he scored his second goal for his country against Estonia.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t just go home and celebrate in the privacy of his own home with his mates, but instead went out to the Marina Lounge in North Wembley the day following the victory to indulge in some shisha smoking. Despite the fact that there isn’t really anything wrong with smoking shisha – it’s perfectly legal after all – the fact is that Raheem is supposed to be a footballer in the public eye. He should probably know better than to indulge in such behaviour as it’s going to see him being criticised as a bad role model and probably lead to a bollocking from both Roy Hodgson and Manuel Pellegrini. He should really at least do it in the privacy of his own home so nobody can photograph him and diss him, you know? I heard that’s what Eden Hazard does at least.

You can check out the photograph below. Sorry about the watermark but you know, The Sun.

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Raheem Sterling Shisha

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An onlooker gave the following useful comment:

It was a surprise to see a high-profile player smoking a shisha pipe. He was out with mates and clearly enjoying himself.

Despite this, Sterling flew out with the England squad to Lithuania on Sunday ahead of England’s match with them tonight. Let’s hope he keeps his head down over there as I’m sure there’s all manner of dumb ways he could get himself into trouble in a country like that.

Still, at least he hasn’t been filmed inhaling laughing gas (or hippy crack lol) and his car hasn’t been found abandoned and totalled with loads of empty canisters in it again. Slowly but surely it looks like he’s turning it around. Kinda.


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