Photos Capture The Exact Moment A Nazi Gets Punched In The Face While Giving Salute

Swift justice.

We’re not normally in the business of condemning violence of any kind, but many people have described the moment a white supremacist was punched in the face whilst giving a Nazi salute as “deeply satisfying”. Not to mention a dose of swift justice – it’s illegal in some countries to make this hand gesture.

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As you will have all seen, mass brawls broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend as white supremacists clashed with anti-Nazi activists. One of the documented moments was of this nationalist demonstrator who was pictured giving the Nazi salute as another person gave him the middle finger.

He was then hit in the jaw by an anti-Nazi protestor before being chased away as the tensions hit breaking point. A series of photos show the incident, moment-by-moment.


As said, watching a Nazi receiving instant Karma might be rather amusing, but overall the riots in Virginia were far from light-hearted and there were worryingly dramatic scenes as the far-right took to the streets to say that “white history” was being erased from America’s identity. It’s sickening that people even think this, let alone feel comfortable enough to protest it in public.

The riots got so out of hand that 32-year-old Heather D. Heyer, who spoke out against inequality, was killed when a car driven by a man from Ohio rammed into her and other people who were peacefully protesting the presence of white supremacists who had gathered in the city for a rally. The driver, James Alex Fields, 20, has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder.

This weekend saw some truly harrowing scenes unfold and the fact that it lead to a fatality is just tragic. RIP to Heather, who died standing up for what she believed in.

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