Racist Trump Supporter Calls Woman A ‘Cunt’ 100 Times, Somehow Doesn’t Get Knocked TF Out (VIDEO)

You’ve never wanted to smack someone harder than this guy.

A Donald Trump supporter who may just be the worst person we’ve seen on the internet in 2016 somehow managed to escape with his teeth intact after going on a mental, racist rant on the Brooklyn subway.

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The unidentified man throws sexist and racist insults at one woman, is then temporarily calmed down by another passenger, but soon gets fired up again:

What I don’t understand is how no one stepped in to shut this guy up. I mean it’s almost like he wanted to get his arse kicked. That suit, those sideburns, calling that woman a cunt 100 times then topping it off with “put them back in the fields where they belong”. That is basically how to get your arse kicked 101 when on public transport. Something tells me he won’t always be so lucky though.

Ever wondered where the word ‘cunt’ comes from? Click HERE for a quick history lesson.


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