Cyclist Gets Pummeled For Riding Through Chinatown And Telling Group Of Asians To ‘Go Back To China’

You love to see it.

It looks like Asians have finally had enough of the anti-Asian sentiment that’s permeated America since COVID hit last year, and have started to fight back against racist pricks running their mouths.

This chap definitely chose the wrong neighbourhood to ride through and spew anti-Asian hate speech – namely, Chinatown in NYC:

Welp, lesson learned. Yeah OK no one likes to see a sucker punch but I think we can give the lad a pass on this occasion.

Similarly, this Asian man attempting to impale a dude with a broom up the backside after another racist incident…

As I said, the Chinese/Koreans/Vietnamese etc around America have had enough of being bullied in the wake of the pandemic. There is an unfortunate stereotype around Asian people being submissive to authority/power or just naturally inclined to not fight. Well, not anymore from the looks of things.

Pro tip for the guy on the bike in any case – if you don’t like Asians, don’t go to Chinatown. Wouldn’t catch Hitler at a bar mitzah, would you?

To watch a granddad cuss out his granddaughter after after she exposed him as a racist on Facebook, click HERE. That’s her written out of the will then.


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