Granddad Cusses Out His Granddaughter After She Exposed Him As A Racist On Facebook (VIDEO)

Out of the will for sure.

If there’s one way to make sure granddad writes you out of his will for good, it’s by exposing him as a racist on Facebook for the world to see.

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I suppose this is the advantage any generation Z kid will have over a (probably) Trump-voting boomer – they know how to use the internet to their advantage better than anyone else:

Welp, no way of knowing for sure if granddad really is a racist but he definitely has some anger issues on this evidence. Then again you would be pretty mad if someone called you a racist on Facebook whether it was true or not. All I know is that there’s no smoke without fire and so I’m sure he must have said something at least borderline racist for his granddaughter to do him dirty like this.

In any case, pretty sad that any inter-familial feud could reach this level. I mean can you imagine your grandparents ever talking to you in this way? I guess that’s just the state of things over in America right now.

For a look at a Trump supporter and ANTIFA member getting into a terrifying shouting match at a BLM protest this week, click HERE. Properly deranged.


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