This Racing Fan Has Been Caught Drinking Wine Out Of A Secret Binocular Flask

Binocular Flask


One of the most annoying things about going to any spectator sport is that you’re not allowed to take your own alcohol in and drinks bought on the premises cost a fortune in comparison.

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Most of us have come to accept this as there’s no real way around it, but there are some heroes like the woman you see above you who have managed to challenge society and come out on top. Many of us have tried to smuggle in hip flasks or other methods of transporting alcohol into said events and whilst many of us have been successful in our endeavours, a whole bunch of us have probably been embarrassingly caught and ended up getting our stuff confiscated and looking like idiots.

Not so the woman you can see in the video below who was kicking off her new year in style by heading up to Cheltenham Racecourse and not paying for any drinks herself. Instead she used a binocular flask that she sneaked in a presumably filled to the brim with wine or some other comparable alcoholic beverage. Even ITV had to applaud her, which isn’t something that happens too often:

Yeah I mean fair play to her and fair play to the cameraman for spotting her taking such a sultry sip out of it as well.

If this clip has got you interested in doing the same thing sometime this year then there’s also some good news for you. You can pick up these binocular flasks off Amazon for only £11 which will probably pay for itself after one trip to the races. If you’re planning on going anywhere like that more than once this year then you’re laughing. Hey hey!

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