This Queue For A Drive Thru McDonalds On The First Day Of Reopening Is Completely Insane

This is long.

I still think that one of the most surprising strands of the Coronavirus pandemic is just how insanely popular McDonald’s and other brand name takeaways are in this country (although I do realise that this shouldn’t be that surprising considering how many of them there are in this country).

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Anyway, this has been illustrated yet again by the absolutely unbelievable size of the drive thru queue at a McDonald’s in Sutton today on the first day of re-opening that was kindly filmed for us by some guy called Will Gavin. Literally can’t get over this:

Hot damn that is just humongous isn’t it? Can’t really believe that people are so desperate for a McDonald’s that they want to sit in their car for something like an hour on the hottest day of the year, but I suppose they’re at least being a bit more responsible about everything than the herds of people that have flocked to the beach and their local parks to have a bunch of beers with their mates. Those guys are really killing it.

Don’t believe us? Check out some pictures of the packed out beaches right here. Massive.


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