Watch What Happens When A Python Tries To Eat A Wallaby With A Joey In Its Pouch (NSFL)

Python swallows wallaby

Survival of the fittest.

Following on from ‘Planet Earth 2’ towards the end of last year, I’m fairly certain that most people realise that it’s every man from himself and survival of the fittest out there in the big bad world. Nevertheless, it’s still shocking when you see videos like this on the internet.

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The footage was taken by a dude named Bernie Worsfold, who came across the sight on his land over in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia. It shows a four metre long python with a wallaby between its jaws, sadly with a joey still residing inside her pouch.

Worsfold allegedly made an attempt to save the joey but to no avail and I can’t really say I blame him – wouldn’t want to be going anywhere near a four metre long python, would you? Even if it was busy slowly but surely trying to eat a wallaby.

Python swallows wallaby

See, not even that horse wanted anything to do with what was going on there. That’s just the law of the jungle though I suppose.

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