What Happens When A Massive Snake Eats A 30LB Porcupine Is As NSFL As It Gets…

Python Eats Porcupine

Never, ever, under any circumstances eat a porcupine – even if you’re a giant snake.

A 13ft South African python was found pregnant with a food baby, after making the unwise decision to dine on a porcupine. A decision that obviously backfired – literally.

After the snake had devoured the 30lb rodent, its meal reaped unintentional revenge by shredding the reptile’s stomach from the inside out. So, in a sense, the poor creature ate itself to death.

The engorged animal was found dead by a random mountain biker, and at the moment Reserve Managers are claiming that the exact reason for its death are unclear. Wait a second what? It’s unclear? Seriously?

To be fair, I guess they decided to make that statement in reference to the fact that the massive snake had an incredible stroke of bad luck. You see, he not only consumed what led to his death, but also fell off a ledge sometime during said feeding time. So whether that little accident happened to play any part in his already sealed fate is yet to be determined.

Porcupine Python 1

Usually, when others in the animal kingdom come across porcupines, they know to instantly fuck off. It’s not like the python was trying to be a badass or anything, it’s just that they usually don’t pick their prey based on a sense of danger. Instead, they use body heat. While they do have the defence mechanism of puking up their food in case of emergency, you can bet this poor guy would have been screwed either way.

I’m at a crossroad, I don’t know if I’d feel sorrier now for the actual event that occurred, or what would have been the aftermath. If the snake was able to successfully digest it, could you imagine having to crap that thing out?

That’s at least 2 x’s worse than the effects of eating something from the menu at Taco Bell. Taco Bell isn’t completely terrible though, you might even have the chance of running into a drunken Charlie Sheen. That always makes for a good time.

Check out the pictures below of what the snake’s stomach looked like after the porcupine had unloaded in it. If you ever need a reminder to steer clear of them and especially not to eat them, then this is it.

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