The Purity Of European Street Cocaine Is At Its Highest For Over A Decade


Surprise surprise.

It seems like it’s pretty much impossible to avoid cocaine on a night out these days as at least someone will mention picking up a wrap – or more likely already have one on them – so it’s no real surprise to hear that we’re now getting the strongest stuff that’s been around for the last decade. Gotta keep those customers happy.

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The news comes courtesy of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDD) who found that whilst the price of cocaine has remained relatively stable since 2010 (woohoo!), the purity of what you’re sticking up your nose has been steadily improving since the same year (double woohoo!). The reason for this is explained by Niamh Eastwood, executive director of the drug information charity Release:

As well as increased cocaine production in Latin America, the crackdown on cutting agents by law enforcement in many European countries, including the UK, has seen suppliers limit the risk of detection by removing bulking agents from the supply chain.

This is one driver for increased treatment admissions for cocaine and demonstrates the unintended consequences of law enforcement. We need smarter approaches to drugs including ending the criminalisation of people who use illicit substances and law enforcement practices that reduce harms not increase them.


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So yeah I think what she’s trying to explain is that cocaine is way purer than it was before and whilst some of us might think that’s a good thing, it’s actually a bad thing because more and more people are heading to treatment centres for help with their problems relating to cocaine. Basically even though you’re getting more bang for your buck, it’s too much for some people and is sending them to hospital. Consider this a warning and be careful if you’re picking up anytime soon.

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