Pumpkin Carving Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

With Halloween on its way people start carving up those orange gourds, seems that one man is just a damn sight better than the rest of us at it.

It’s coming up to the time of the year where goth kids finally can feel at ease with themselves, yes thats right it’s Halloween! Everybody knows that this is the single time in the year its acceptable to dress up in those bloodstained jogging bottoms and pretend you’re some mass murderer. Alternatively you could go with the traditional white sheet ghost method, but that looks a little bit too Ku Klux Klan and wouldn’t go down too well in some neighbourhoods, at least you’ve always got the trusty vampire costume.

No Halloween celebration can be complete without that traditional gourd adoring your doorstep or windowsill, with its horrible carved features and a tiny tea-light in its mouth. Hitting up Reddit for some pumpkin ideas I stumbled upon what could only be described as an awesome collection of pumpkins.

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I suppose they are maybe more impressive if you’re a fourteen year old Pokémon fan, but hey I was a kid once… It turns out however that I was easily impressed as only a few moments later did I find the mother-load of Pumpkin Carving artistry. Check out the next page:

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