Halloween is coming, what better way to celebrate than with a 1400 pound pumpkin? That’s some dedication.

Halloween is just around the corner and some dude called Ken Desrosiers in Broad Book, Connecticut wanted to celebrate it properly so decided to grow a 1400 pound pumpkin in his backyard. Yeah, that’s right, a 1400 pound pumpkin. That’s a pretty big pumpkin dude.

The 1400 pound pumpkin took two and a half months to grow and is now officially the biggest pumpkin in Connecticut history. I wonder how much the previous record holder for larget pumpkin in Connecticut weighed? Anyone care to enlighten me? Was it close to the 1400 pound pumpkin or did this one blow the previous record holder out of the water?

Anyway, the dude who grew the 1400 pound pumpkin, Ken Desrosiers, made a cool little time lapse photography video of the entire growth of the 1400 pound pumpkin. It just keeps growing and growing until it reaches the magic weight of 1400 pounds. Ken even put a Pepsi Can next to it to demonstrate just how big it was growing during the process. Could this be a cool viral marketing ad for Pepsi? Possibly, but probably not, I mean who would think that using a 1400 pound pumpkin as a marketing ploy would be successful? Not me but then I probably wouldn’t think a gorilla playing drums would be successful either if it was pitched to me.

Although the growth of the 1400 pound pumpkin has been widely reported, nobody seems to have really discussed the connotations of its existence yet, and more importantly the fact that the 1400 pound pumpkin has finished growing OVER A MONTH before Halloween. Will it still be fresh by the time October 31st comes around? Does a 1400 pound pumpkin take less or more time to decay than a regular pumpkin? It’s possible that it might take them a whole month to clear out all the crap inside the 1400 pound pumpkin before Halloween in order to make a 1400 pound Jack O’ Lantern, but I still think it will probably be kinda saggy and crappy  by the time Halloween rolls around. A 1400 pound Jack O Lantern would be fvcking scary though. At least after Halloween Ken Desrosiers can probably get 1400 pumpkin pies out of it though.

Check out the time lapse photography video of the growth of the 1400 pound pumpkin below, then maybe try and grow your own 1400 pound pumpkin. It only takes 2 and a half months!


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