Pudsey Bear Just Got Pictured With A Young Girl ‘While Showing His Penis’ (PHOTO)


I didn’t realise fictional bears had penises.

The BBC has launched an investigation after a Pudsey Bear posed for a picture with a 7-year-old girl with what looks like his penis hanging out.

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The girl’s mum said that she was horrified when she made the discovery and hadn’t realised the costume’s appendage at the time.


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But what makes this whole thing even more sinister is that the BBC has said that it was not one of their official fundraisers. The mother who does not want to be named said:

We love Children in Need and my daughter adores Pudsey.

She saw him at our local shopping centre and she begged me to let her have her photo taken with him.

There didn’t seem to be anything wrong at the time, but I sent the picture to my sister and she replied telling me to have another look.

That’s when I noticed it.

I was horrified.

It could be they were genuinely raising money for Children in Need, but who is to say this wasn’t a paedophile using the charity suit to get near kids?

A spokesman later emailed, saying:

The Pudsey mascot suits are issued with guidelines on how they should be worn and used to make sure Pudsey’s appearances are appropriate.

The suits are not designed to look as this one does.

We are sorry for any offence and distress this has caused.

We are investigating to find out more and to make sure this doesn’t happen in future.

I’ve got to admit that it does look rather like someone has added a Pudsey penis to that suit. But if this does turn out to be the case, what the hell does the guy get out of it? Perhaps it was meant to be a joke and then he got roped into taking the picture. Who knows – I’m pretty doubtful that the BBC will get to the bottom of it though. Jimmy Savile was doing all kinds of disgusting things right under their noses and he got away with it for decades.


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