A Pub In Warwickshire Is Offering The UK’s First Fully Plant Based Vegan Roast



Kinda feels like it’s been a hot minute since there have been any notable new additions to the world of vegan cuisine as pretty much every meat/dairy substitute is readily available now – and most of them don’t even taste that bad – but this pub in Warwickshire has moved things forward yet again by offering the UK’s first fully plant based vegan roast.

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The Barn in Willey in Warwickshire have been offering tofurkey, Seitan, nut roast and plant-based Lincolnshire sausages alongside all the usual trimmings – including Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, maple glazed parsnips, carrots, mash, roast cabbage, creamy leeks, stuffing and a red wine gravy – every Sunday in January and say that vegans from all over the country have been flocking to take advantage of it. Here’s what landlord Ben Stead-Davis said about their recent decision to go fully vegan after a successful Veganuary:

We are proud to say we are the only restaurant in the UK and even maybe the world doing what we are.

There are places who will offer vegan alternatives on their Sunday lunch menu – but we don’t believe anywhere else is serving a vegan carvery like ours – including vegan restaurants.

The support we have received has been incredible and for the next few Sundays, our carvery is fully booked.

On Sunday we had people say they had travelled hours to come and have one of our roasts.

Now that the whole restaurant is going vegan, I hope we can keep this support.

We will do lots of things to keep the menu ever-changing and interesting.

As a chef, I find being vegan easy as I can use my brain to think of something delicious to make.

You just have to be open-minded, and you can make some great vegan dishes.

I think people worry about where they are going to get their protein from but what people forget is that beans are very high in protein and tofu actually has more protein in it than steak.

Good for them I suppose and it seems to be working out for them financially too as their roast is fully booked for the next three weeks. Of course though, a bunch of meat eaters have taken to social media to air their grievances about how they feel discriminated against too because of the change:

“A village called Willey going meat free, you’ve got to laugh.

The Sunday carvery is a staple of British cuisine, and now the vegans are taking that away too? Is nothing sacred anymore!?”

“Carvery is meat…stop this ridiculous charade.

Don’t eat meat fine, stop calling veg after animal parts, and trying to make veg taste like meat.”

“You can’t have a carvery without any meat. It’s not a proper carvery then.

This just puts me off going there again. I’m all for vegans having options but enforcing their lifestyle on others discriminates against us meat lovers.”

Lol I always find it so funny how people get so outraged about vegan stuff popping up? I guess it’s slightly annoying if you went to The Barn every weekend for your Sunday roast, but I’m fairly sure there’s probably another country pub within a five to ten minute drive of it that you can probably post up as a local in instead – and moan about the vegans/woke community taking over of course – so I hardly think it’s the end of the world?

Things change, grow up and get on with it. Maybe even check out the vegan roast whilst you’re at it?

For more of the same, check out when this vegan activist went berserk and trashed the place. That’s something to get angry about, sure.



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