Vegan Activist Goes Berserk Inside McDonald’s And Trashes The Place



A vegan activist who was part of a mob of 20 who ‘overwhelmed’ security at McDonalds and ‘threw paint across the premises’ has been arrested and charged with criminal damage and resisting a police officer.

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Dylan Roffey, 24, and her crew of vegan warriors stormed into the Brighton McDonald’s, holding signs and shouting into a megaphone.

As per Metro, Dylan turned up at Brighton Magistrates’ Court wearing a ‘Meat The Victims’ T-shirt

She argued her actions were lawful because she was trying to save animals from slaughter (surprisingly that didn’t hold up in court).

McDonald’s Brighton branch assistant manager Robert Frost explains what went down:

They overwhelmed security.

One of them had a loudspeaker chanting slogans about how there is animals being killed and they began throwing red paint, to show blood, across the premises.

Some of the customers were quite upset.

Robert says he called the police and all the protesters started to leave, except for Dylan. Police had to physically pull her up and remove her from the premises.

Dylan on why she did it:

To raise awareness of what McDonald’s is doing to animals and to save the lives of animals by being there and stopping the sale of their bodies.

By raising awareness through what we were saying, changing people’s minds and secondly every sale that they do not make results in less animals being murdered.

Fair play to Dylan fighting for what she believes in but I can’t help but think that making a scene at McDonald’s might be a bit OTT.

I mean has anyone in history ever watched a crew of vegans storm into a fast food joint, cause complete and utter chaos, and then turn around and think ‘huh, maybe they’ve got a point’. It just makes you seem a little bit unhinged IMO, even if the motivation is obviously good.

Dylan was also once arrested for spitting on a woman she thought was wearing a fur court (The Express). Don’t let her catch the guy who ate a raw pig’s head outside VegFest 2019 this year.



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