Pub Security Guard Chokes Out Teenager, Slams Him Onto Floor, Then Throws His Limp Body Into The Street

Holy shit dude, chill.

Disturbing footage out of Australia this week shows a bouncer at a Melbourne pub choking out a teenager and then carelessly dropping his unconscious body onto the floor, before carrying him out the door.

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As per 7News, the incident unfolded at a pub in Croydon, with management claiming the teen had been kicked out of the pub for being too rowdy, but climbed a fence to get back in to his mates.

When security noticed, they tried to shepherd him out again. However the 18-year-old broke free, ran straight back into the pub and poured himself a drink.

Here’s what happened next:

Jeez, what an absolute prick. Yeah OK it sounds like this teen was being a complete and utter nuisance who was totally disrespecting the place, but to choke him unconscious? Just a tad bit extreme, let alone then dropping him face-first into the ground and dragging his limp body out into the street. Bouncers gonna bouncer eh?

Pub management refused to comment due to the ongoing police investigation but confirmed the security guard remained on duty, but has received a written warning. The investigation continues…

To watch a bouncer slap a man into another dimension after he wouldn’t stop touching him, click HERE. Fair enough?


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