Satanic Murderer Who Sliced Up His Own Penis Just Got Given The Ultimate Punishment

Nikko Jenkins

Next level psychopath.

I hate to judge a book by its cover, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason and I’m pretty sure this guy Nikko Jenkins fits the stereotype of a psychopathic killer for a reason.

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Jenkins went on a killing spree four years ago in Nebraska, murdering four people over the course of ten days and since then he’s been incarcerated awaiting his trial and sentence, which have been delayed many times. During this period, he’s decided to carve 666 backwards into his head, self mutilated his body – namely slicing his tongue and penis to look like snakes – and got hieroglyphics tattooed on his face in order to worship an Egyptian snake god. I mean that’s a pretty good way to indicate to everyone walking down the street that you’ve got a screw loose isn’t it?

Anyway, Jenkins was eventually sentenced yesterday to death – the first time the death sentence has been issued since it was reinstated in Nebraska – and even if he isn’t actually executed then he’ll have to serve 450 years in prison at least. That’s a lot of time for him to develop an even more mental look. Here’s a news report on the sentencing:

Wow. What an absolute weirdo. Not sure why he’s allowed to wear sunglasses in the courtroom? RIP to his victims though – I hope that woman can finally find the peace that she’s been trying to achieve for the last four years.

To be honest I’m surprised this case hasn’t received more coverage because the guy is a complete whack job, looks the part and he brutally killed four people for no reason. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him until now? Weird – although maybe I was missing something. Anyway, hope he rots in prison for years before being executed. Dickhead.

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