Jason Barnum Is A Very, Very Bad Man (Who Has His Eyeball Tattooed)

Jason Barnum

We don’t need to tell you the facts before you figure out Jason Barnum is a very, very bad man. The dude has his eyeball tattooed FFS!

Jason Barnum is a very, very bad man.

First of all there are the facts that support this statement. Jason Barnum has an extensive criminal history, with a record that includes crimes such as robbing homes to feed his heroin addiction, stealing cars and trying kill a police officer. The funny thing is, Jason tried to kill the fed with a gun he’d previously stole from a burglary, that’s like a double whammy crime right there.

To be honest, you probably don’t even need to know Jason’s criminal history to figure out he’s not the kind of guy you’d invite to your wedding. The dude has his eyeball tattooed FFS. I didn’t even know you could get your eyeball tattooed, I still don’t. I picked up this story from The Daily Mail so there’s a high chance they’ve got their facts wrong and it’s just a contact lens or something. Either way, the skull tattoo on the top of his skin head and other facial tattoos back up my thoughts that this guy’s pretty evil.

Here’s a collection of Jason Barnum doing what he does best, looking like a complete psychopath:

Jason Barnum

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