The Psychology Of Height: What Does Your Height Say About You?

A breakdown of different height groups and what they mean for your standing in society.

Whether you’re a 7’4” monstrosity like Andre the Giant, or a mere 5’ tall like this young basketball prodigy, the height group you fall into is going to influence the way society sees you, and perhaps also how you see yourself.

We’ve determined 5 different height groups and the psychology behind them:

Group One — 4’11 And Under


If you’re 4’11 and under, you might recognise yourself as a dwarf, midget, small person, or whatever the politically correct term is these days (most sources seem to agree it’s either 4’10 and under or 4’11 and under, but both sound like they fit the bill to me). Best not to make fun of this group because we can’t rule out the possibility they’ve got some next level super powers we don’t know about.

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