VIDEO: Manchester Prison Roof Protester Sparks Huge Illegal Street Party

Manchester Strangeways Prison

Of course this called for a party.

Last night a whole bunch of people took to the streets outside Strangeways Prison in Manchester in order to show their support for prisoner and convicted murdered Stuart Horner who scaled a fence on Sunday and had been hanging out on the roof of the prison since. Stuart has been protesting against the conditions he’s forced to live under inside the prison.

I’m not sure what his specific gripe was about the prison, but I mean it’s not like prison is supposed to be luxurious is it? Remember this guy is serving a 27 year sentence for killing his uncle. Having said that they deserve to be treated humanely and given toilet paper, which I’m hearing is one of the main points Horner was trying to raise awareness of.

The people of Manchester decided to take to the streets in support of Horner and humane conditions in prisons all over the country, not just Strangeways by staging a ‘protest party’ outside the prison last night. From the looks of it, it looked like someone just set up a sound system outside and a bunch of people hung out, but hey at least it’s showing solidarity within the community for what this guy is trying to achieve.

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Unfortunately by 3 a.m. last night Stuart had had enough of the roof and his protest and agreed to come down in return for a pizza and a can of Coke. In fairness it’s probably been a while since he’s come anywhere near either of those items so it was probably worth it. He certainly seemed happy enough:

I’ve proved my point. I’ve got a 12 inch pizza and a can of coke.

I’ve done what I wanted. I’ve had a mad one.

I probably would have asked for a 20 inch pizza and 12 chicken strippers as it’s probably going to be the only one I’m going to have in the next 20 years, but hey.

NOTE: Strangeways sounds like a 5 start hotel  compared to Brazilian prison.


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