Protesters Threw Bottles, Railings And Traffic Signs At 10 Downing Street Last Night

It’s kicking off.

It was the first day of mass protests in the UK for the Black Lives Matter movement and for the most part it went off without a hitch, although there were reports of a few riots in London.

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Things seemed to escalate later on in the night though as a video appeared on Twitter of some protesters attacking 10 Downing Street and throwing bottles, railing and traffic signs at The Prime Minister’s residence. One of the tweets says that riot police were called to disperse the crowds, but I’m not really sure if that’s true or not:

That looks kind of hectic, but I’m surprised there isn’t more footage of it if there weren’t more people involved and the riot police were really called down to sort it out. Get the impression that not that many people were actually taking part and it was over fairly quickly, but it’s kind of worrying that this could be what people are thinking about doing, especially given the footage we’re seeing over in America at the moment.

I would normally say that if you’re heading down to protest in the next few days, please try and stay responsible and don’t riot and start trashing shops and looting, but the thing is that this actually seems to be working over in the US as the charge on Derek Chauvin was bumped up to 2nd degree murder and the other three cops have also been arrested and charged. Not really sure what attacking 10 Downing Street and riot cops over here is looking to achieve thought, that’s the thing. Figure it out yourself.

For more on the violence at the riots yesterday, click here. Hoping that this doesn’t end up like America but have kind of got a bad feeling about it.


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