The UK Is Protesting Police Brutality In The US By Attacking British Police (VIDEO)

What a disaster.

Protests around the world show no signs of letting up following the death of George Floyd, with many of them peaceful but a scary amount also descending into needless, counter-productive chaos and violence.

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Over in central London today, a bunch of wannabe American idiots chanted ‘Fuck the police’ and started throwing objects and fluid at British police who, by all accounts, were behaving sensibly throughout the protests:

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Via Rupert Myers who attended the BLM protest in Hyde Park:

Aside from social distancing measures being utterly ignored, it’s pretty tragic to see British police completely disrespected like this considering they are worlds apart from their trigger happy peers over in the US. Good news is that the protests in London have been mostly peaceful aside from a handful of incidents, as far as we can tell.

Would be a shame if a few bad apples ruined it for the peaceful protesters who are legitimately there to take a stand against racism as opposed to just looking for an excuse to raise hell. Not to mention undermining the whole movement in the first place. Let’s hope we don’t go full on America with it in the coming days.

To watch a man brainlessly walk into the middle of a BLM protest with a ‘Fuck BLM’ sign, click HERE. I’m sure you can guess what happens to him.


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