Protesters In Brazil Stand In The Middle Of The Road, Promptly Get Run The F Over (VIDEO)

Pure savagery.

Sometimes protesters out in large numbers can really mess up your day, whether they’re fighting a just cause or not.

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One of the most annoying things we’ve seen in recent years is when they decide to protest in the middle of the damn road, inconveniencing thousands of drivers who are just trying to get to where they need to go.

Well, here’s how they deal with that over in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

(Warning – sorta graphic)

Well of all the places I’d imagine you can get away with holding up traffic, I’d say Brazil is very low on that list and this video just proves it.

The good news is that only two people were injured and no one was killed. Probably best to keep their anti-austerity protests to the pavements from now on.

P.S. We are obligated to say that if you find your vehicle brought to a standstill because of protesters blocking the road – DO NOT run them over. Cheers.

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