The ‘Prophets Of Rage’ Debut Show Actually Looked Kind Of Wack (VIDEO)

Prophets Of Rage

On the plus side, the tour is in aim to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected.

News of the ‘Prophets Of Rage’ – the new supergroup from former members of ‘Rage Against The Machine’, ‘Public Enemy’ and ‘Cypress Hill’ – spread at the end of May, when they revealed their lineup and that their mission was to make sure that Donald Trump didn’t get elected by spreading their message through rocking as hard as possible.

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Bearing that in mind, it makes perfect sense that they would begin their 35 date US tour at ground zero for their operation – the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. They’re setting up a week long residence in the city and began it on Monday by playing a free show at the End Poverty Now rally and then marching for economic justice before playing another free show in Cleveland Public Square.

As the week progresses there are going to be a lot more scheduled and unscheduled events from the band, who have stated that their goal is to, “represent people who need a cultural voice to express their displeasure with the coronation that’s going to be happening in the good working class town of Cleveland.” Right on.

Hmm, that looks a bit crappy without all the live instruments, but I suppose it isn’t really about the performance – it’s more about the message, so I’ll let them off. Still, if they want to actually send a message, maybe they should think about doing something a bit more akin to the ‘Rage Against The Machine’ classic ‘Sleep Now In the Fire’ video.

Remember what happened when ‘Rage Against The Machine’ showed up to play in the middle of nowhere back in the mid 90s?


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