We Now Know The Full Details Behind Rage Against The Machine’s Secret Countdown

Rage Against The Machine

It’s not what we thought, but could possibly be even better.

Yesterday we brought you news of a possible Rage Against The Machine reunion that was fuelled by the fact that the band had launched a new website named Prophets Of Rage that had a countdown leading up to June 1st on it. Chuck D of Public Enemy was also tweeting about Rage and we speculated that this countdown might be leading up to some sort of collaboration between the two camps.

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And it turns out we were right. Billboard Music apparently has the scoop and it’s that members of Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill will be teaming up to form a rock supergroup that will perform the hits of all three bands. They’re called the Prophets Of Rage and to be honest I think it’s a completely sick idea that should get everyone rocking.

Prophets Of Rage

You can probably guess who’s involved from each unit but just for clarity here they are – it’s going to be Tom Morello (guitar), Timmy C (bass) and Brad Wilk (drums) from Rage Against The Machine, Chuck D from Public Enemy and B-Real from Cypress Hill. No surprises that moody Zack De La Rocha isn’t going to reprise his role as the legendary frontman of Rage, he’s probably too busy off somewhere planning a revolution or something.

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The Prophets Of Rage already got their first gig booked for June 3rd at the Hollywood Palladium, there’s one currently being sorted out for Whiskey A Go Go and there are rumours of a summer tour too.  Basically get those guys over here because it’s too long since any of those bands have played over here and to see them all at once would save everyone a load of money and also completely rule. Needs to be done.

Remember what happened when Rage Against The Machine played a small town in the middle of nowhere?


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