Is This Video Proof That ‘Big Brother’ Is Fake?

Celebrity Big Brother fake

Signs point to yes.

I know most of us stopped watching ‘Big Brother’ years ago because it got seriously shit as the years went on.

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But the first couple of series were sick and it was a pretty good idea in theory as a social experiment. That’s why it’s shocking to think that the whole thing was just a lie and was in fact scripted in some way. The video below suggests just that. Viewers were left stunned when watching the live stream of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ where they appeared to film a fake good night scene.

Soon after shooting, the lights come on and Nicky Norwood congratulates everyone on a ‘great take’.

Seems pretty legitimate to me, don’t you think? People have been kicking off about the incident on Twitter, saying they’re going to quit watching the show. But you know, fake or not fake, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is shit so there’s not really much point getting upset about it.

People only really watch it for the tits now anyway.


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