This Prelude To ‘Alien: Covenant’ Reveals What Happened To The Prometheus Crew

Alien Covenant

Good to know.

‘Alien: Covenant’ is getting a lot of hype ahead of its release date and I suppose it’s understandable why: the Alien franchise is one of the biggest in history and despite the past few entries not being that great, this one does look like it could be a return to form.

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The latest promotional tool they’ve come up with is a two minute prelude to the movie that details what happened to the survivors from the last movie Prometheus. Probably best for you to just watch it yourself rather than talk about it:

Well, not really sure it was that smart a move for Elizabeth to continue with the mission – I would probably just try and find a way to go home if I was her – but I suppose if she’s come that far she might as well see it through. Not sure if she even knew how to pilot the ship anywhere but the home planet too, but either way I’m pretty sure we all know that this is going to end up to be an absolutely terrible decision on her part, probably leading to her death by one of those alien fuckers.

Oh well, nice knowing you. For more aliens, check out these rare behind the scenes photographs from the first movie. What an insight.


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