Professor Green’s Having A Twitter Meltdown Over Sunday People Article


There’s a three-way Twitter war going on right now between Professor Green, Lily Allen and Sunday People journo Katie Hind.

Professor Green’s not in a good mood today. He’s got wind of a “disgusting and belittling” article written about him by Katie Hind of The Sunday People, which we’re guessing he’s had a sneak preview of because the article itself is nowhere to be found online. What’s more – Lily Allen has got involved and has set her Twitter followers on the offending journo.

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How bad can a celebrity write-up be that the celeb in question goes into Twitter meltdown? Pretty bad, as Pro Green suggests Katie Hind “basically gave away (his) address”.

Here are the highlights from Green’s Twitter feed:

Now check out Lily Allen’s back-and-forth with Katie Hind. She has her own issues with the paper and Hind after she wrote an article about her weight loss:

Maybe Example’s followers should take a leaf from Lily’s followers (who obviously don’t mess around), after he tried to set them on us a few weeks ago for calling him out on Twitter (which ended up backfiring against him pretty badly).

Check out the beef between Sick Chirpse and Example here.


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