Example Is A Massive Prick And He Just Proved It To Everyone

Everyone knows that Example is a massive prick but today he proved it by being a prick to a load of students on Twitter.

About a month ago my mate messaged me on Facebook to tell me about the amazing acts they’d booked for the Nottingham Trent Graduation Ball tomorrow night – in particular the headliner, Example. I told her it didn’t impress me because Example is a prick and I hate him. She dismissed this saying “example is sick and everyone (apart from you) loves him” and then she said “and he’s big”.

I didn’t respect my mate’s opinion enough to offer her any more explanation than “he’s a bellend and his music is shit, and he can’t sing”, but if I was talking to someone more worthy of the debate I’d probably go to fucking town on every detail about him that makes him one of the biggest cunts in the music industry, from his roots as a rich spoilt Fulham boy turned well ‘ard gangsta rapper to his peak as a superstar mainstream sellout, getting some fucking horrible noises served to him, for him to talk/pretend to rap/pretend to sing/vomit over.

Well now I don’t need to explain to anyone why he’s a massive nob ever again, because he’s gone and proved it all over his Twitter this evening.

He was at Parklife at the weekend, getting paid an obscene amount of money, entertaining all of the dickheads who’d turned up for Sub Focus four years late and the posing cunts who’d gone to take an Instagram in front of Ben UFO before deciding he was boring and elbowing their way to front of the main stage for Rita Ora. Chances are he probably finished his hour of walking around talking and weakly throwing out flat notes and cliched lyrics and decided he’d earned himself a night of getting properly fucked up. Cos that’s well rock’n’roll, init?

Unfortunately he wasn’t as rock’n’roll as he thought and completely bottled showing up for Southampton Uni’s Graduation Ball last night. Not content with letting down the organisers who’d worked their asses off to arrange the ball and sell the tickets and the hundreds of students who’d sunk £50 deeper into their overdrafts to be at the ball, he offered this absolute wet fart of an excuse on Twitter:

Naturally people didn’t really feel much sympathy, and he was met with some angry responses. Check them out on the next page.

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